We are a natural fit for any company striving to be a Business For Good

Whether you are B-Corporation Certified, or going through the application process, teaming up with Climategames can offer the transparency required in supporting social and environmental performance

We are a natural fit for any company striving
to be a Business For Good.

Team up with Climategames

Transparent service for your triple-bottom line targets: Social Support, Environmental Protection and Financially competitive

Your climate-positive action

Our technology engages every employee, regardless of their fitness level, in a fun and collaborative way. Track activities through our App, create intercompany teams, set goals or just reward walking instead of driving, we’ve got you covered.

Every time your employee tracks an activity on our app, you can pledge to fund a climate-positive action. This can be sequestering carbon (a great way to engage staff with reducing travel), removing plastic from the ocean or planting new (and protecting existing) trees & mangroves.

Thanks to our transparent tracking, you can effectively demonstrate your steps to support your environmental and social targets

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