Funding Plastic Removal in Indonesia

Repairing key waterways and creating local job opportunities

Removing toxic plastic from waterways & creating valued jobs for local communities

Working with Climategames Approved Climate Partners, we're on a mission to remove plastic waste & restore local habitats while creating local job opportunities

Plastic Removal from
Oceans & Waterways

Climategames helps remove plastic waste

People from local communities are employed to sail in heavily polluted waterways and collect plastic. The plastic is bagged, weighed, tagged and registered in a blockchain system.

At a sorting facility, the plastic is sorted into PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET and other plastics and distributed to be recycled or used as waste-to-energy. Every step of this process is monitored, audited and inspected by Intertek.

A heavy weight on the ocean

Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose depending on the type and environmental conditions. The approximate weight of plastic items is:
1x plastic straw ⋍ 1g
1x plastic bag  10g
1x 500ml plastic bottle ⋍ 20g

The plastic removal supports more than ocean cleanup

The plastic removal projects, funded by Climategames, offer locals a job of collecting the plastic waste in the waterways. Over time, these cleared areas are rehabilitated to reintroduce flora and fauna.

Not only are waterways being cleared of plastic, but locals are offered a means of employment in areas where unemployment is high (usually directly linked to the pollution that they're now clearing).

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