Climategames is on a mission to tackle the climate and health crisis within this generation - with you

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Our mission is to galvanise 1% of the planet in taking positive steps towards reducing climate change.

About us

In the short time since starting Climategames, we have inspired tens of thousands of members in over 110 countries to get more active and help tackle climate change.

From individuals looking for motivation beyond a PB to corporations needing to increase brand engagement, Climategames has a solution for all.

Every workout funds amazing causes such as planting trees, protecting peatlands, removing plastic from our oceans, sequestering methane and other GHG emissions amongst other impactful ecological projects.

Our impact to date

Trees planted
GHGs sequestered
54,333 kg
Plastic removed
1,362 kg

Meet the team

We are a small, but impactful team of positive, passionate and action-orientated people who have combined elite experience in technology, sustainability and sport.

Martin Lacey
Founder & CEO

As an athlete and entrepreneur, I wanted to create a solution to bridge the gap between our planet's health and the people who live on it, the two biggest crises of our generation.

So in 2021, after successfully selling my last business, I bootstrapped the design, development and launch of Climategames, one platform that answers two enormous global concerns: Human wellbeing and the climate crisis.

It is clear to me that most people and organisations want to take positive climate action, but struggle with knowing what to do and measuring the impact. Climategames answers both these concerns.

Away from when I'm growing Climategames, I compete as an outdoor swimmer, and also enjoy cycling, running, weightlifting and hiking.

Our mission is to be the global leader in connecting people to positive climate action while also improving personal health.

Kate Strong

As someone who's dedicated my life to sport and sustainability, it was a no-brainer to join Climategames.

In my sporting career, I've broken 3x cycling world records and was AG World Champion in triathlon. More recently, I cycled 3,300 miles around Britain on a hand-made bamboo bike visiting community-led climate projects as well as funding 3,000 trees to be planted through Climategames.

My passion for the natural world developed after graduating from university with two Masters in Engineering and working around the globe with grassroots social & environmental companies and charities.

I'm a keynote speaker on change behaviour as well as ambassador & advisor to various charities.

Our values

to inspire others to take action even in the face of not being ‘perfect’
to provide equal access and opportunities for everyone everywhere
only through owning your behaviours, are you able to change them
we only protect what we’re connected to, socially and environmentally
to create excitement around finding solutions to climate change
only through action will we ever achieve anything, we reward learning through doing

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