Climategames exists
so companies like yours can turn intentions into impact and make a meaningful difference to wellbeing and the planet

Our mission is to galvanise 1% of the planet in taking permanent & positive steps toward reducing climate change

Our mission is to galvanise 1% of the planet in taking positive steps towards reducing climate change.

We inspire

In the short time since starting Climategames, we have inspired tens of thousands of members in over 110 countries to get more active. Every workout funds amazing causes such as planting trees, protecting peatlands, removing plastic from our oceans, sequestering methane and other GHG emissions and providing critical support to humanitarian projects.

Our challenge

Climate change is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced and we are on the tipping point of this challenge.
One of the largest obstacles we face - and something we at Climategames is addressing - is to turn intentions into impact.

Meet the team

We are a small, but impactful team of positive, passionate and action-orientated people who have combined elite experience in technology, sustainability and sport.
We'd love for you to join us on a walk, bike ride, swim or over a (virtual) coffee and explore how we can work together to create a positive impact in the world.

Martin Lacey
Founder & CEO

I founded Climategames in 2021 because I wanted to convert my triathlon training into planetary action and inspire millions of others to do the same.  I am a regular outdoor swimmer, cyclist and hiker.

It was clear to me that most people and organisations want to take positive climate action, but did not have a meaningful, engaging and rewarding way to do it. So I had the idea to convert my sporting activity into cleaning up the world using gamification to motivate more action.

Our mission is to be the global leader in connecting organisations and individuals to positive climate action by improving personal health.

Kate Strong
Head of Impact

I'm passionate about human and planetary health, as well as nurturing a high performance mindset. I've broken 3 cycling world records, was AG World Champion in triathlon, and also have three degrees in engineering, one of which is Environmental Engineering.

It's a natural fit to join Team Climategames to enable more people on their health & wellbeing journey while also positively contributing towards our natural environment.

Our values

to inspire others to take action even in the face of not being ‘perfect’
to provide equal access and opportunities for everyone everywhere
only through owning your behaviours, are you able to change them
we only protect what we’re connected to, socially and environmentally
to create excitement around finding solutions to climate change
only through action will we ever achieve anything, we reward learning through doing

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