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SFC Capital lead investment round in Climategames

SFC Capital lead first public investment round

SFC has led Climategames’ first-ever public fundraiser, accelerating their bid to be the leading platform in converting exercise into climate-based activity.

Climategames, a UK-based GreenTech software company has seen impressive traction since its launch just over 12 months ago. Over 50 organisations from across the globe and more than 8,000 individuals are already using the platform and mobile App - with no money spent on marketing to date.

Thanks to this new investment from SFC, Climategames is set to expand even further.Through Climategames companies create online sporting and physical activity events and upon completion, participants are rewarded with positive planetary action. Each time a person registers a swim, cycle, run, walk or gym session on the Climategames App, their efforts convert into kilograms of carbon removal or avoidance, kilograms of plastic removed from the ocean or trees being planted in reforestation sites. All projects are accredited by leading international standards bodies.

The small but impactful team at Climategames comprises the founder & CEO, Martin Lacey who is a technology entrepreneur, athlete Kate Strong who leads Growth & Impact, has 3 world records in cycling and is a community-climate engagement expert, and Dee Davison, the Leadership team advisor, and consultant currently leading Sustainability at Deluxe Media, a multi-national business with 4,500 employees worldwide. Together they bring a diverse experience and skillset, spanning 50+ years in the climate, technology and sport space.

Edward Stevenson, Investment Executive at SFC Capital said "We're delighted to lead the investment in Climategames, a company that aligns perfectly with our focus on GreenTech, wellbeing & sustainability. Their great use of employee gamification to catalyse corporate climate impact sets them apart. What truly convinced us to invest was the team's exceptional blend of expertise and vision for a future where sustainability goals are both accessible and engaging for employees. We're keen to support their mission to drive impactful ESG initiatives."

Martin Lacey, founder and CEO of Climategames said: “This is a proud moment for me and signifies the start of an important next phase of work to propel Climategames forwards. It is also a moment to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work and support from the businesses and communities who have used our platform and App to date. They are the ones who are exercising to effect positive planetary impact and so enabling us to fulfil our purpose.”

Kate Strong, VP Growth & Impact said: “Receiving funding within one year of launching our beta version is a massive boost to our morale and validates that what we’re offering is needed and is valued in the industry. We’re excited to grow further now and help improve employee and global health even further”.

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