Everything in one place for climate action,
purpose and promoting wellbeing

In minutes, transform engagement with your sustainability targets using the power of play.

Climategames is built for every level of fitness: From beginners looking to improve their health to elite athletes. We reward and support you to reach your climate - and personal - goals.

Climate technology

Climategames uses climate technology to connect organisations and people with planetary health, through the power of movement and play.
Transform your workplace culture, wellbeing, engagement and customer connections using our ESG platform.

Every swim, cycle, run or walk

Using our platform, every swim, cycle, run or walk you take can contribute to planting trees, removing plastic from the ocean, or sequestering carbon from the atmosphere with one of our environmental partners.

We use blockchain to validate all environmental activity, so you know that your action is validated and protected for the long term.

Behavioural Change

Climategames creates long-term behavioural change within your workforce: increasing overall personal well-being, introducing positive behaviours and habits to benefit the individual and corporate efficiency, as well as connecting your workforce to your ESG and Scope targets.
  • 70% of employees find employers more appealing when they have a sustainability programme
  • 80% of employees what to help their company reach climate or ESG goals

Why Climategames is right for your organisation:

One platform creating climate action and promoting well-being
Gamifies activities and enables departments to work as a team towards a common goal, or create individual targets
Engages employees, customers, and other key stakeholders regardless of geographical location
Ongoing live, bespoke support to help you launch and maintain engagement across your entire organisation
Genuine and measurable support for physical and mental well-being of your company
Verified compensation for Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions, such as purchased goods, services, fuel and energy, business travel, or employee commute
Training and support
on reducing individual and company carbon footprint
Unique rewards for engagement, such as funding plastic removal from the ocean, planting trees with a connected social cause and sequestering carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions

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