Restoring Peatland in Indonesia

Conserving existing peatland and restoring damaged areas to promote biodiversity

Protecting natural habitats & generating local sustainable support

Working with Climategames Approved Climate Partners, we're protecting existing habitats using geotagging, and repairing damaged areas

Protect, Repair and Restore
Natural habitats

Three distinct benefits for protecting our peatlands

1. This area, that we fund its protection, is an important habitat for a diverse community of plant & animal species (44 critically endangered or vulnerable species, including 5-10% of the world’s remaining Bornean orangutan population).

Carbon is stored in peatland

These unique habitats store massive amounts of carbon, with stocks below ground amounting to up to 20 timesthe amount stored in trees and vegetation.

Creating jobs and a reason for locals to protect the habitat

Our funded project works to improve the well-being and sustainable economic prospects of the 43,000 local people, through initiatives such as micro-finance loans to support local female-led business, youth job training and internships, and the provision of health education and wellbeing support for the most vulnerable community members.

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