Funding effective carbon and ecological projects to tackle climate change

Restoring and reducing our impact on the environment

Climategames : Funding part of the solution

We have a list of Climategames Approved Climate Partners, who deliver one of  three climate-based solutions:

Resea ProjectEcologiEden projectVeritreeGold StandardVerified carbon standard

Greenhouse Gas Reduction
& Sequestering

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a way to balance and mitigate emissions that are essential to your business operations. We strongly suggest every organisation has a carbon reduction plan in place to offset unavoidable carbon emissions.

There are numerous gases that are labelled ‘Greenhouse Gases’ (GHG), carbon being the highest percentage gas of these emissions.

Climate change

GHGs are released in a variety of activities both naturally, such as volcanic explosions and forest fires, and human-induced activities such as burning of fossil fuels and intensive animal farms.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions vary in potency and impact on climate change, and Climategames actively seeks projects that are removing GHGs from being released and preventing the gases from entering the atmosphere.

Plastic Removal from
Oceans & Waterways

Climategames helps remove plastic waste

Climategames helps remove plastic waste that has reached our waterways. If left, this plastic is literally suffocating the life in the water. In addition, the added risk of the plastic entering the marine food chain poses a greater risk that scientists are still unsure of the health implications that this causes for marine - and human - health.

It is important that we greatly reduce (ideally halt) the amount of plastic entering our waterways, as well as clearing up what is already present.

The plastic removal projects, funded by Climategames

The plastic removal projects, funded by Climategames, offer locals a job of collecting the plastic waste in the waterways. Over time, these cleared areas are rehabilitated to reintroduce flora and fauna.

The approximate weight of plastic items:
1x 500ml plastic bottle ⋍ 20g
1x plastic straw ⋍ 1g
1x plastic bag  10g

Tree Planting
& Forest Protecting

Forest restoration

Forests cover 31% of our global land area and are home to more than 80% of the world’s plant, animal, and insect natural habitats.

Forest restoration, when implemented appropriately, helps restore habitats and ecosystems, create jobs and income and is an effective nature-based solution to climate change.

Tree-planting initiatives

It is estimated that forests and nature-based solutions can deliver 33% of global emissions reduction that are needed by 2030.

Our tree-planting initiatives do more than ‘just’ plant trees. We protect existing forests, mangrove plantations and also generate stable jobs for local communities.

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