How does it work?

We convert your exercise into carbon and ecological projects. We only get paid to fund climate projects, which is visible on the App and your Business Impact Portfolio.

No hidden agenda, we are here to positively impact personal and planetary health.

Transparent and fair: We look beyond the App and ensure safety for all

You’re in safe hands, our sole purpose is to help you to build planetary impact, we refuse to sell your data, and we're also GDPR compliant.

Climategames is a completely ad-free app. Brands cannot pay Climategames to advertise their products.

What does your money fund?

Your money funds carbon and ecological projects, which have been certified by some of the leading international standard bodies for the voluntary carbon market including Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

How we make money is we include a small margin on all sales to cover our business costs, making sure that Climategames is sustainable financially and able to serve you for the long-term.

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