An example project funded by our Climategamers:

Reforesting Key Areas in Kenya

Supporting tree & mangrove reforestation and providing food security for local communities

Creating jobs linked to protecting our environment

Working with Climategames Approved Climate Partners, we're facilitating the creation of jobs & stable food as well as repairing our habitat

Supporting environmental repair and
local communities

Reforestation also supports local communities

Kenya has been facing significant development challenges, with food security and poverty being among the top priorities, with nearly 36% of the Kenyan population living below the poverty line.

The Mau forest, which is a vital source of water for millions of people living in the West of the country, is also under threat due to deforestation.

Ensuring long-term support for tree growth

By employing a "plant-to-employ" approach, the project activity ensures a stable income for the local workforce engaged as planters, nursery staff, and forest guards, thereby promoting sustainable land-use practices. This steady source of income helps improve the community's access to education, healthcare, and nutrition.

Creating jobs and a reason for locals to protect the habitat

To plant trees, staff remove grass and weeds from a patch of earth, dig a hole for the seedling, place the seedling in the ground, and press the soil around it to keep it secure.

To help the seedlings adjust to their new surroundings, they are regularly watered and each bed of seedlings is sheltered from the intense sun by the larger neighbouring trees.

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