Host events for up to 10,000 attendees with Climategames

In minutes, transform engagement with your sustainability targets using the power of play.

Offer a fresh new motivation to exercise; giving your people the chance to choose how their exercise makes a positive impact on the world - today.

Team or individuals

Events can be created as a team working together, or as individuals competing against each other.

Rewards and incentives are unlocked for participation (ideal for engaging less active employees), or reaching a target-distance (motivating the more competitive individual).

The duration of each event is entirely up to you

  • Month-long events to build teamwork
  • Weekend targets to compliment a corporate event
  • Annual events can reward behavioural change, such as walking or cycling to work rather than driving
Climategames : Funding part of the solution

Event badges and rewards

Add rewards such as branded discount codes, charity donations or climate actions to each hosted event.

A personalised digital badge is automatically generated and rewarded to every participant via the Climategames App who successfully completes your event.

Challenge event modes

Challenges or leagues can engage up to 10,000* people and there’s no limit to how many events you create!

Use the Climategames platform to compliment your cycle to work schemes, raise money for your charity walk, promote your brand to the Climategames community and generate healthy competition between departments while rewarding getting fit with climate rewards.

*10,000 is for premium account holders. A maximum of 2,000 attendees available for free business account


A league enables you to create multiple teams within one event. Set a group target and generate healthy competition, where the reward helps your organisation reach Scope Emission targets (and bragging rights for the winners).
These events typically take place over longer periods of time and can run in parallel with individual challenges. Some examples are:
  • Complete as many activities as you can in one month. Every participant earns 1 kg carbon (counting towards the company Scope Target)
  • Team to walk and run a collective distance of 250 km, unlocking a discount code and being rewarded a tree for successful completion

Team challenges for the planet

Bring an elevated level of engagement and collaboration with Team Challenges.

Within each challenge, there’s a team & individual leaderboard, bringing light-hearted competition while working towards a common goal.

Work together to be the #1 team, or work as a one whole group to complete a larger, collective goal (e.g. sequester 50T carbon, or walk the distance from HQ to San Antonio Office).


Leaderboards are available for every event and activity, providing accurate data on all participants.

For your HR department, discover who are your Champions, as well as the employees not engaging in your events, enabling you to offer personalised support, ensuring that every individual is taking part in your events and is receiving the relevant support.

Make friends and contribute to the community

For every challenge, users are able to see their own progress as well as the progress of other participants.

They can also follow users and Event Organisers and receive updates on their followers’ activities in their personal newsfeed. Add photos, routes and descriptions to your activities, and give Kudos to other members, nurturing a supportive and positive environment.

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