Your exercise could be funding carbon reduction, or ecological projects right now

Join over 8,000 people from across the world who are converting their sport into climate action today

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Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to start moving and taking climate action today!

Every activity counts

Using our platform, every workout, swim, cycle, run, row or walk you take can contribute to planting trees, removing plastic from the ocean, or sequestering carbon from the atmosphere amongst many other ecological projects.

Our partners are accredited by the highest standards for carbon-based and ecological solutions and use blockchain so you know that your action is validated and protected for the long term.

You can build your impact in two ways:

Take a part in an event or challenge

Take part in an event/challenge that offers climate-action rewards. Enter an event, complete the required activity and automatically receive the climate-action reward.

These are hosted by Climategames Club, our partners, as well as your organisation as part of their sustainability agenda.

Become a member of Climategames

Every movement and exercise will fund climate positive projects.

Know that your workouts are creating a real impact.

Not only will you be motivated to train that extra bit more for your personal goals, but you can see your forest growing, plastic removal increasing and quality of air improving.

In settings (which can be found on your profile page in the app), choose from one of three environmental impact plans which start from as little as £3.49 per month.

Why not host an event with friends?

Compete with friends by creating your own workout or sporting challenge on the Climategames app.

From your homepage, create a challenge and invite up to 100 friends to join!

What our users say

Game changing app for the everyday Athlete

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Climategames has captured beautifully what has been missing from the existing exercise apps in the market. The instant rewards, climate impact and social events facility brings a whole new level of motivation to my daily exercise routine. I personally use it via my Apple Watch which makes tracking my exercise super easy. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a rewarding way to fight the climate crisis and track their exercise!

Work out and help the environment

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Easy to use app that allows you to track where your workouts are accruing against your subscription targets.

Incredible App & Impact

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I rarely watch the news, but I can’t help but notice the increasing airtime climate change has continued to receive in the past 3-5 years. I actually feel like I’m contributing beyond my normal recycling routine with the use of Climategames.Thank you so much Martin Lacy and Kate Strong for creating such an impactful and meaningful app. It makes me want to be a better athlete and inhabitant of this world. Cheers to creating a healthier me and planet earth

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