Convert your health action to climate action every month for less than one cup of coffee, one meal deal, or one bus trip

Join thousands of people in over 120 countries who are converting their sport into climate action today

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Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to start moving and taking climate action today!

Every swim, cycle, run or walk

Using our platform, every swim, cycle, run or walk you take can contribute to planting trees, removing plastic from the ocean, or sequestering carbon from the atmosphere with one of our environmental partners.

We use blockchain to validate all environmental activity, so you know that your action is validated and protected for the long term.

You can build your impact in two ways:

Take a part in an event or challenge

Firstly, take part in an event/challenge that offers climate-action rewards (such as sequestering carbon). A list of these events can be found on the homepage of your app: Enter an event, complete the required activity and automatically receive the climate-action reward.

These are hosted by Climategames Club, our partners, as well as your organisation as part of their sustainability agenda.

Subscribe to one of our three plans

Secondly, you can subscribe to one of our three plans, putting you in control of creating a real environmental impact through your workouts.

In settings (which can be found on your profile page), choose from one of three environmental impact plans which start from as little as £3.49 per month.

Why not host an event with friends?

Compete with friends by creating your own running, walking, swimming or cycling challenge on the Climategames app.

From your homepage, create a challenge and invite up to 100 friends to join!

What our users say

Awesome app

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“Awesome app. Making events and competitions against your mates on here is a great way to stay motivated. Plus you get deals and discounts on new gear!”
Henry R Wilson

Makes activity tracking fun

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“Compete Impossible makes activity tracking fun. I really enjoy participating in the leagues / challenges and the rewards (discounts from sports retailers) are an added bonus! Definitely feel more motivated to get outside and get active since I have been using the app 🏃🏻”
Sophie Gray

Keeps me motivated

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"Great app thats helping to keep me motivated. Cool events, cool rewards and a community thats pushing me to get fitter"
Nathaniel Benissan

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