Build and launch your employee wellbeing social program with Climategames

Implement your wellbeing, climate strategy and social impact initiatives on one platform, automatically syncing to our App making it easy for your people to take part.

Regardless of your budget, Climategames enables you to create fun and engaging events to support, incentivise and reward your employees.

Build workforce resilience and shared ownership of your climate impact

Climategames helps you support mental and physical health within your workforce, as well as engaging staff with carbon and ecological targets.

Whether your workforce is on-site, remote, or somewhere in between, our platform connects with everyone.

Gamifying health

Using our unique method of gamifying health and climate actions, means that every level of employee is reached.

We provide a new kind of motivation to get active, with no prior fitness required!

Having a healthy and engaged workforce
directly impacts the productivity of your organisation and reaching key corporate ESG targets:

Non-exercising employees
are 2.4x–3.5x more likely
to miss work due to illness
Companies whose employees are engaged in sustainability targets are more likely to reach their CSR & ESG targets
Employees who describe themselves as “healthy”
are 20% happier
14% of people rely on exercise as their primary stress reliever
The discipline of setting and achieving goals translates well between work and regular exercise
Post-exercise, employees are more effective, more productive, and have smoother interactions with other colleagues

We can help deliver bespoke employee wellness campaigns

  • Create events to mobilise employees to work towards carbon and ecological targets
  • Track employee wellness to champion most engaged, and support least engaged individuals
  • Visibly report on carbon reduction activities, as well as validate any carbon & nature-based solutions
  • Offer employee perks with a Climategames licence

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