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Seamlessly build your impact by automatically syncing your wearables

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All your workouts, swims, rides, runs, rows or walks sync automatically to your Climategames profile via your smartwatch, Apple Health or Google Play.

To add your smartwatch, follow these simple steps:

Go to your Profile Page on the Climategames App
Select settings (the "cog" in the top right hand corner)
Select "Training" then "Connect Device"
Once there, you can connect your chosen wearable
Note: If syncing your smartwatch, you will require your login details.

Sync to non-listed devices

There is a way to sync to non-listed devices by connecting your wearable to your Apple Health Kit or Google Play.

This means all workouts that are recorded into your Apple Health or Google Play App can automatically sync into the Climategames platform.

To do this, on your Apple Health or Google Play App:
Go to "Tracking App" application, enable synchronisation with Apple Health/Google Play. Ensure Apple Health/Google Play is connected via the in application toggle
Open the Climategames app, in settings on your profile and connect with Apple Health/Google Play
All activities recorded via "Tracking App'' application will sync on the Climategames platform

Looking for additional support?

Contact us for additional support with connecting your wearable, syncing with other sports Apps and using the Climategames App.