Generating Energy from Landfill Gas in Brazil

Capturing & repurposing GHG emissions to create green energy for local communities

Removing GHG from the atmosphere and redirecting to green energy

Working with Climategames Approved Climate Partners, we're supporting green energy production & supply while also reducing GHG emissions

Reduce and Repurpose
Carbon & GHG Emissions

Climategames helps collect landfill gas and use it to generate electricity

The Uberlândia project has two landfill sites and they received >6,1M tonnes of domestic waste between 1995-2010.

This project collects the methane gas that is produced from this waste and converts the gas into clean energy.

The project is expected to produce 354,968 MWh of energy for local residents during its lifetime.

GHG isn't just carbon

Methane is around 34 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and, when released into the atmosphere, has a significant impact on warming.

With approximately 70% of landfill waste being organic matter, capturing the emissions produced as it decomposes reduces the methane released as well as enabling us to repurpose the methane for green energy supply.

Green energy supply reduces deforestation pressure

The greenhouse gases captured enable local communities to source green energy, which would otherwise be sourced from heavy polluters, such as fossil fuel burning or cutting down and burning local trees.

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