Unlock the power of your fans and take their support to the next level

Gamify fan engagement to work towards reducing your Scope 3 Emissions

Regardless of your budget, Climategames enables you to create fun and engaging events to support, incentivise and reward your employees.

Engage fans

Hosting sporting events are huge contributors to global emissions with fan travel and attendance accounts for a large percentage of these emissions.

With Climategames, you can engage fans to help reduce your club & event emissions.

Tackling climate change

Tackling climate change requires collective action, and with our unique Team events, fans can support their favourite player, event, team or club while also reducing and offsetting their personal carbon footprint.

Every action accelerates your club in achieving your sustainability goals, reducing overall emissions and deepening the connection with your fans.
We use blockchain to validate all environmental activity, so you know that your action is validated and protected for the long term.

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