Compliment wellbeing and climate events with
Learning & Development Workshops 

Host a workshop to educate and employees today

The key ingredients for authentic involvement
and effective change are:


Climategames Workshops are designed to educate, inspire and enhance your employees' understanding around personal wellbeing, planetary protection and company health.

We also offer a climate consultancy service to ascertain your current Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.


Climategames Workshop attendees leave each session knowing where they can have the greatest impact and the next step towards their personal & wider corporate goals.

Climategames events compliment workshops, removing the barrier to start taking action.


Remove your current carbon levels with our Gold-Standard nature projects, rewarding employees for immediate action and helping organisations reach their carbon & Net Zero targets.


The longer-term goal is to reduce our current carbon emissions for both individuals and the company.

Working with your medium- to long-term goals, as well as governmental and global legislation, we develop a plan to reduce your impact without impacting your profit and financial forecasts.

Workshop options

We work with you to design the workshop around your company’s goals and needs.

Offering a one-off workshop, or a package of four complimentary workshops to build and develop the attendees’ knowledge.

Examples of workshops

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